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Whiplash injury typically occurs following a motor vehicle accident, but can also occur after sports or recreational injury.  It is treatable through chiropractic; our experience has shown us that chiropractic is essential to successfully treating it.  Muscular techniques are also important, and at our office you get both!  Dr. Czerniak explains, “We’ve had patients come into the office with neck pain from an injury that occurred years ago.  Sometimes the condition wasn’t treated at all, or only partially treated and never fully resolved, and it has festered for years.  We take the time to fully resolve the condition, once and for all.”

In 2008, Dr. Czerniak was in a significant motor vehicle accident that resulted in whiplash, a true reversal of the curvature of the neck.  He developed his own treatment plan that led to successful resolution of the condition.

If your neck is sensitive to standard chiropractic adjusting, we use electronic Impulse technology to begin the process of restoring motion to the neck.  We also use muscular techniques so that the soft tissues allow the neck to return to normal after a whiplash injury.

Here’s an important tip: if you’ve had even a minor whiplash, get treatment immediately!  The sooner, the better!

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