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Sciatica is often a curable condition, and we’ve managed hundreds of sciatica cases over the past 15 years, successfully.   It is often a mechanical condition, so it’s only fitting that chiropractic is used to treat it.  However, chiropractic itself may not b enough, which is why we use muscular techniques to treat the body comprehensively.  At our office you are treated directly by the doctor.  Assistants or therapists do not treat sciatica clients directly.

Typically, nerves from the lumbar and sacroiliac regions play a role in sciatica.  Muscles of the lower extremities, when involved, are examined, diagnosed, and treated with muscular techniques that include deep tissue massage and instrument technique.  When you have a doctor who has honed chiropractic skills and muscular technique skills, who have a significantly good chance of resolving the issue.

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