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D.O.T. Physicals

D.O.T. Physicals

Pricing & Information

D.O.T. physicals are $85.00

Fill out a contact form here, and we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your physical.

Call 413-862-3400 for scheduling or information.

For western Mass., D.O.T. physicals in Springfield MA area, Northampton MA D.O.T. Physicals, Westfield MA D.O.T. Physicals.

The U.S. D.O.T. requires Massachusetts truck drivers to get a proper medical certificate after successfully completing a D.O.T. exam from a certified medical examiner.  Dr. Mark Czerniak, a former linehaul dispatcher, understands the trucking industry and is now an NRCME certified medical examiner.  He is the owner of Hilltown Chiropractic, an office that serves Hampden and Hampshire counties, including the hill towns of western Mass.


Located in the town of Montgomery, the office is only a mile over the Westfield or Southampton town lines.   The office is driver-friendly, located in a relaxed rural setting.  For the Montgomery office, drivers must call first 413-862-3400 or fill out our contact form to arrange for an appointment, which can typically be made with only 24 hours notice.

For the Ludlow office, call (413) 583-2225.

Evening and Saturday appointments are available at either office.

Hilltown Chiropractic serves western Mass., including the Springfield, Westfield, Northampton areas in a driver – friendly location.

The Chiropractic Center in Ludlow serves the Springfield and Palmer areas through an office at 488 Center Street in Ludlow, MA.  Simply take Mass. Pike exit 7, and it is the second building to the right.

Dr. Czerniak is a former linehaul dispatcher who understands the demands on trucking employees.

What to bring to you D.O.T. physical exam:

1) Driver’s License

2) Relevant health information, such as prescription list, health history.

A D.O.T. physical exam involves review of the following:

*heart rate & blood pressure



*musculoskeletal health

Urinalysis test measures urine pH, specific gravity, urine glucose, and more.

For more information on or to schedule a D.O.T. physical using our contact page, visit our Mass. D.O.T. physicals website.

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