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Auto Injury

Auto Injury.  Westfield Chiropractor Mark Czerniak has 15 years experience in treating injuries from auto accidents to slowly developing spinal conditions.  He is the owner of Hilltown Chiropractic, an office that has been serves the Westfield MA area and surrounding hill towns.  The phone number for the office is 413-862-3400.  He is a lifelong resident of western Mass. who attended University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic and has performed tens of thousands of chiropractic adjustments in his career.  He complements chiropractic technique with soft tissue injury rehab for sports or recreational injuries, and uses natural formulations for various health conditions.

Hilltown Chiropractic office serves not only Westfield, but surrounding hill towns such as Huntington, Chester, Worthington, Russell, Otis, Blandford, and Becket.  Clients also come for holistic chiropractic from Southampton, Northampton, West Springfield, Agawam, Southwick, and even the Pittsfield area for treatments offered here.  Chiropractic treatment at this Westfield area location may include low-force chiropractic techniques, standard chiropractic techniques, soft tissue rehab techniques that complement chiropractic, and natural formulations, some of which systemic conditions.  If you’re within driving distance to the Westfield area, Westfield chiropractor Mark Czerniak welcomes your inquiries regarding chiropractic and natural medicine in general.

In 2008, Westfield chiropractor Dr. Mark Czerniak was involved in a significant motor vehicle accident.  The Westfield chiropractor knows firsthand what it takes to recover, using a combination of conventional medicine and holistic chiropractic to achieve better results toward recovery.  The Westfield chiropractor works with other doctors and medical imaging facilities, including Noble Hospital, to put together an accurate clinical picture, not just an insurance code.  If you’re looking for a Westfield chirpractor to treat an auto accident injury, consider what is offered: standard chiropractic, low force chiropractic, and holistic chiropractic techniques, which include soft tissue techniques and natural formulations that are manufactured in a pharmaceutical facility.

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